What’s new? My new series!

3dbooks-togetherThanks for dropping by! I’ve got a bunch of cool new things I’m working on… and there’s something you might like if you’ve enjoyed my YA books.

I’m working on a new series, and it’s for adults (but still teen-friendly), so it’s under a different name.

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New Anthology Bundle

Being a teenager is about so much more than angst. There’s also fun with friends, danger and adventure, first love, sneakin3DBUNDLEg out after curfew, strange dares, awkwardness, fabulous triumphs, and even magic.

Stay up all night giggling with SOME KINDA WONDERFUL, a sweet, funny, imaginative collection of 7 Dalya Moon novels, available together for the first time ever in this exclusive anthology!

All books are also available separately, but you’ll save over 60% by grabbing this limited edition bundle.

Included are 7 full-length novels, with not a single cliffhanger.

Broken Shell Island – YA Fantasy. “DAZZLING!” A young girl goes to live with her great-aunt, on a secret island full of magic.

Smart Mouth Waitress – YA Contemporary. “FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS!” A sassy waitress refuses to let any boy tame her, no matter how cute he is.

Practice Cake – YA Contemporary. “SO FUNNY!” A forbidden workplace romance becomes even more awkward when the TV cameras arrive.

Charlie, Snowy Cove #1 – MG/YA Contemporary. “SWEET AND FUN!” A misfit ninth grader fights to find her place in the world.

Cousins Forever, Snowy Cove #2 – MG/YA Contemporary. “CRAZY!” Two cousins must learn to live with each other, which is difficult, because one of them is the most annoying human on the planet.

Spiritdell Book 1 – YA Fantasy. “SPOOKY, WEIRD, AWESOME.” Zan West has a magic power unlike any hero you’ve ever heard of. With this power comes… a lot of girl trouble.

Spiritdell Book 2 – YA Fantasy. “AMAZEBALLS!” Zan West must use his strange power to solve a murder mystery.

**This is the ENTIRE Dalya Moon catalog! If you love hilarious novels about quirky characters who’ll stick around in your head forever, this is the must-have collection for you! Over 1800 pages in print are all included in this ebook anthology.**

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Thank you, dear readers, for your support!

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Snow Cove High School – MG to YA, contemporary



Life in Saltwater City – YA contemporary



Spiritdell – YA urban fantasy



Broken Shell Island – MG to YA fantasy